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We Provide:

Evaluation of Extreme Hardship
for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility

To fully assess hardship concerns, diagnostics, and recommendations

In the Land of Opportunity, we are committed to serving all persons with compassion and understanding in their journey to citizenship.

Use the form below to get the process started.


To establish continued treatment for adjustment concerns as it relates to citizenship.

Medical Certification for
Disability Exceptions

To assist in establishing determination of disability for immigration courts

The Immigration Evaluation
Process with Immigration Attorneys

1 - Meet with you and your office staff to individualize the process to meet the needs of you and your immigration clientele.
2 - Your staff or client will schedule appointment by calling our office(typically scheduled within a week).
3 - Assessment and interview are completed
4 - Determination is made if additional sessions are needed.
5 - Forms and/or reports are submitted to your office within 3 days of appointment.

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