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Testing is not a "one size fits all" service and the need for testing doesn't stop when we become adults. We determine the tests to fit the questions being asked so you don't pay for more than you need and so you get answers to the questions you have.

I'm an adult...why would I need testing?

  • Are your symptoms part of a diagnosis/condition?

  • Do you feel as though something is getting in the way of your optimal work performance?

  • Is your company requiring an evaluation before you can advance or return to work?

  • Do you need accommodations for college or work?

  • Is your relationship suffering and you want to figure out the reason?

  • Are you or your loved one stuck at a certain point in life and having trouble progressing?

  • Is your physician requiring an evaluation before they will give you medications?

  • Are you working on obtaining guardianship for a person with a disability?

  • Are you applying for citizenship but have a hardship or disability?

  • Do you need a psychological or neuropsychological evaluation for court proceedings?

  • Do you feel you've tried everything to improve your quality of life but nothing seems to quite get you where you want to be?

  • Are you worried about memory difficulties or Dementia for yourself or a loved one?

  • Are you applying for state funded services for yourself or a loved one?

Have you ever thought you may have

AD/HD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression or Bipolar Disorder?

Getting diagnosed can open the door for treatment, services and more. These diagnoses don't have an age limit, so you may have struggled for a long time without knowing why. Testing can answer the questions you have had about yourself or a loved one. 


Assessment Services

True diagnosis doesn't happen in a vacuum. We get to know the person being tested by seeing the individual in their environment (home, school, etc...). So we can accurately make a diagnosis & offer recommendations that help to improve the person's quality of life. 

Do you need testing for your child/adolescent?

  • They are struggling at home or school and you aren't sure why

  • You are wondering why they are behind socially or aren't quite where other children/teens are by this age

  • They are having behaviors and you want to see if it's part of a diagnosis/condition

  • They need supports at school and you would like an evaluation for the child/teen to get help

  • Your child/teen is in a private or charter school and the school needs an evaluation due to a recent crisis or in order to get accommodations

  • As part of an Independent Educational Evaluation

  • It is required for college accommodations

  • The physician is requiring it before giving medications

  • The physician or you would like to know if the medications your child/teen are taking are working

  • It is needed for court proceedings

  •  You are planning to apply for state funded services and it is required


Independent Educational Evaluations

Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE's) are evaluations that a person requests when they do not agree with the decision of the school regarding diagnosis or services, or when they are concerned about the adequacy of the services being provided.  We have trained personnel who are specialists in working with school districts to conduct psychological, psycho-educational, FBA evaluations, etc... We also coordinate with an advocate with many years of experience.  We offer consultation regarding the rights of your student.  We come to your home and to the school for your student's evaluation so we can see them in their school environment and get to know them and those who care for them.

Guardianship Testing


Guardianship testing is often needed for loved ones who are reaching the age of 18 but who may still need assistance with making major life decisions.  In order to obtain guardianship the courts require an updated psychological evaluation and often a specific form that asks about different aspects of life decisions.  In addition to the many other services we provide, guardianship testing is another that we take pride in providing at an affordable rate with the convenience of our clients in mind.


We go to the home, perform the testing required by the courts and provide the results including the report and additional forms as needed within ten business days. For more info, please contact us and we will be happy to schedule testing for you or your clients today!

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Military Service Connection Assessments


Many times service connection percentage and consequent benefits do not match the intensity of impairment from trauma and other mental health conditions.  We work with VA advocates and attorneys or individuals themselves to conduct a thorough evaluation in order to help in these areas.  We complete explanation letters and the DBQ for PTSD or Mental Health Conditions Other than PTSD.  We spend time getting to know your story and putting that story into terms for the VA that better captures that information. We complete these letters and forms in a short time-frame from the initial interview.  Reach out to schedule your evaluation through the form below.

Assessments and Expert Testimony


There sometimes are circumstances by which an expert is needed to explain how a disability condition plays a part in an event having occurred or in discussing the specific needs of an individual.  We complete assessments to get to know your unique situation and to provide a report, letter, and/or testimony in court so that you and/or your loved one's voice can better be heard.  We will go to court in divorce proceedings, educational disputes, criminal proceedings (including sexual crimes), and other disputes as a disability expert.  We work with the individual, family, and the legal team to ensure all needs are considered.  Complete the contact form below to schedule an initial consultation.

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